Festningen 2010 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the music festival Festningen 2010 in Oslo, at Akershus Fortress on August 28th, 2010.

Q: Is this a concert by Jean Michel Jarre featuring Röyksopp as warm-up act?
A: It’s actually a full day music festival with several artists and bands, held at the Akershus Fortress in central Oslo. Each band will play a full set, not shortened festival sets. The ticket gives you access to all bands, all day, from 2 pm to midnight.

Q: How do I get to the festival?
A: The fortress is within walking distance from central Oslo, for example the Royal Castle, the Central Station, the bus terminal, the ferries, etc. There will be no parking in the area, so go by foot or taxi. The specific location is The Fortress Square (Festningsplassen) and the gates are at Grev Wedels Plass. Public transportation can be planned at www.trafikanten.no

Q: Which are the confirmed artists?
A: Performing this day are The New Vine, The Irrepressibles, The Very Best, Röyksopp, and Jean Michel Jarre. Also featured is the Norwegian Army Staff Orchestra and Oslo Philharmonic Choir with soloists.

Q: What public facilities will be provided?
A: Food and beverages will be available to purchase within the festival area. Toilets will be available. There will be sitting areas with benches but you are welcome to bring your own blankets. Camping chairs are not allowed. Ticket holders with wheelchairs will be given a special area to view the concerts from.

Q: What are the ticket prices and terms?
A: Regular tickets cost 695 NOK + fee. Grandstand tickets are 990 NOK + fee. There are no age restrictions, but children under 16 must be accompanied by adults. Children under 8 are admitted free. Tickets can be bought at www.billettservice.no

Q: For the Jarre concert, will there be fireworks, lasers, giant projections, etc?
A: For this outdoor event, which is the only festival at which Jarre appears in 2010 and one his very few outdoor concerts this year, Jarre offers the spectacular production with which he as toured all over Europe the last few months. This includes lasers, video animations, special effects and more. In addition there will be a fireworks display designed especially for his concert.

Q: What kind of venue is the fortress?
A: The Akershus Fortress is an actual medieval fortress built in 1299 as a castle to the King. It has never been taken by invading armies, and was abandoned as a military defence in 1815. It is still in use by the Royal Gard and the Army Museum. Festningen 2010 is the first time the fortress opens up its areas for a big cultural event.

Q: Are cameras allowed?
A: Mobile phone cameras and small compact cameras are allowed, as are small personal video cameras. Professional equipment (as decided by the organizers at the door) are not allowed.

Q: What about accomodation in Oslo?
A: There are plenty of hotels, hostels and camping sites in and near Oslo, although they tend to be expensive (as is everything else in Norway). Check out www.visitoslo.com where you can also find out about other attractions in Oslo, or www.oslosurf.com (in Norwegian) for a list of affordable accomodation.

Q: Can I leave the festival area during the day?
A: Yes, you can leave and get back again during the day, as long as you have your festival pass.

Q: Will the festival or any of the concerts be broadcast live or webcast?
A: There are no plans for that at the moment.

Q: Will there be merchandise and souvenirs for sale?
A: Yes, there will be a merchandise tent within the festival area.

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  1. på festningen.info står det at det er fotoforbud, og da er det ikke lov til å ta med kameraer med inn!

    1. Hei, fotoforbud i denne sammenhengen ble definert til å bety at mobilkamera og kompaktkamera var lov å bruke. Denne definisjonen ble gjort av arrangøren.

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