Jarre fan meeting in Oslo

It’s tradition for the Norwegian fanclub to organize a pre-concert meeting whenever Jarre visits Oslo. This year you’ll meet the fans at Queens Pub just behind the arena!

Location: Queens Pub in Brugata 14, just behind Spektrum
Time: 4 – 6.30 pm October 26th
Price: Free!


4 – 6.30 pm: Exhibition of collectible JMJ souvenirs
4.30 – 5 pm: Jarre Quiz with nice prizes
5 – 6 pm: Concert with Glenn Main

Other than that; actual social stuff, drinks and chocolate!

The concert with Glenn Main has been specially commissioned for this fan meeting and includes laserharp, laser show, Theremin, live synth playing, and of course Jarre music. In fact, Glenn Main has promised to play the tracks Jarre himself won’t play in the arena a few hours later. In addition there will be Glenn’s best songs from his three acclaimed solo albums (very Jarre-ish, by the way).

This will hopefully be the best Jarre fan meeting in Oslo ever! Bring your friends if they are going to the concert, and join us at Queens Pub from 4 pm on the day of the concert. You don’t need to be a member of the fanclub to come.

(Note: the pub has a 20 year age limit, but children are allowed in if attended by their parents, who are expected to only drink sodas. Teens without adult companions may have to negotiate at the door.)

Feel free to repost this message everywhere!

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