Jarre by Sudar

Jean-Michel Jarre's music reaches far and wide. Its universal language of alien sounds appeals to millions, and transcend genres and borders, as this group of creative Croatians show. Throughout the years, the music of the French synthesizer pioneer has been re-recorded, remixed, covered, reinterpreted and "mutilated" by thousands of musicians, fans and even professional artists.... Fortsett lesing →

Festival at the fortress

The fortress festival in Oslo this weekend is not just the first edition of what is hopefully a series of annual music festivals, but it is also a unique festival, with few or no events like it, at least in Norway. jarre.no spoke to organizer Ole Thorvik about the festival that needed Jean Michel Jarre.... Fortsett lesing →

Fortress fireworks

When concert organizer Festningen 2010 decided they wanted to create a music festival at Akershus Fortress in Oslo, and were able to get world renowned multimedia artist Jean Michel Jarre as headline act, they asked Engelsrud Fireworks to create dazzling explosions. As everyone knows, an outdoor Jean Michel Jarre concert without fireworks is not complete!... Fortsett lesing →

Festningen 2010 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the music festival Festningen 2010 in Oslo, at Akershus Fortress on August 28th, 2010. Q: Is this a concert by Jean Michel Jarre featuring Röyksopp as warm-up act? A: It's actually a full day music festival with several artists and bands, held at the Akershus Fortress in central Oslo. Each band... Fortsett lesing →


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