Jarre Forever CD

It is over 40 years since Jean Michel Jarre gave us his fresh breath of Oxygene, as he introduced a new concept to the music world. Beautiful electronic soundscapes, with a strange emotional impact, transported listeners through unmapped territory.

Using instruments that many regarded purely as machines, Jarre has explored musical areas that to date has yet to be mapped by his imitators. Jean Michel Jarre has been, and will always be, one of the most innovative composers of contemporary music.

Jarre ForeverJarre Forever was in 2002 the first international tribute album made by fans of Jean Michel Jarre. From 14 countries, 23 musicians recreated 28 Jarre tracks, each reflecting their own personal musical style.

The 2CD album is not a traditional remix album, nor is it a compilation of random cover versions; it is a selection of tribute recordings. Each piece was recorded with the added dimension of the personal interpretation of each musician, who was allowed the freedom to record the way they felt best paid tribute to Jarre. Remember, this is a recording by devotees, rather than hired hands, such as professional DJs or commissioned remixers.

A tribute album by fans, for fans.

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