Jarre by Sudar

Jean-Michel Jarre's music reaches far and wide. Its universal language of alien sounds appeals to millions, and transcend genres and borders, as this group of creative Croatians show. Throughout the years, the music of the French synthesizer pioneer has been re-recorded, remixed, covered, reinterpreted and "mutilated" by thousands of musicians, fans and even professional artists.... Fortsett lesing →

Electronica 1 og 2 anmeldelser

Electronica: Albumprosjektet som tok fem år å produsere med 30 gjesteartister og 2.5 timer helt ny musikk. Jarres comeback etter 8 år er ikke småtteri. På grunn av tidsbrist har fanklubben foreløpig rukket bare kortere anmeldelser av Electronica 1 (2015) og Electronica 2 (2016). Lengre anmeldelser er planlagt. Disse anmeldelsene ble skrevet i 2015 og 2016 for et... Fortsett lesing →

The essential Oxygene

Every 20 years or so, Jean Michel Jarre makes sure we have enough oxygene. This is the newbie's introduction to the classic synthesizer album Oxygene, an essay originally written in 1997. In the late 1960s, the young Jean Michel Jarre started to explore various directions of the art of composition and sound design. These explorations... Fortsett lesing →


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