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Jean Michel Jarre deserves the Polar Music Prize
Since the Polar Music Prize was first given in 1992, it has become one of the most prestigious music awards in the world. Often referred to as the unofficial Nobel music prize, it has been awarded to innovative composers and musicians for their long and impactful careers. Who else but Jean Michel Jarre qualifies for the prize now!

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About the Polar Music Prize
The prize was founded by Stig Andersson in Sweden in 1989. He was the publisher and lyricist of Abba and played a key role in their success. The Polar Prize is awarded to «individuals, groups or institutions in recognition of exceptional achievements in the creation and advancement of music». The prize is administered by The Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Why Jarre should be awarded the prize
Few artists have made a bigger impact than Jean Michel Jarre in the evolution of electronic music. With his million-selling albums Jarre has single-handedly brought electronic music to the masses, as well as introduced a new artform; the outdoor multimedia concert spectacle, also attended by millions. Jarre’s musical contributions, as well as his pioneering thoughts about free street events, are unparalelled as a career that now stretches into it’s fifth decade. Jean Michel Jarre is an unique artist who blends all styles and technologies while bringing millions together in peaceful musical adventures.

  • Jarre was a major force (perhaps the biggest single artist) in bringing electronic music to the masses
  • Pioneered composition, performance and sales of music that mixes all kinds of styles and influences, not just electronic
  • Created a new artform; the outdoor multimedia city-wide concert spectacle with millions in the audience
  • Has crushed traditional concert definitions and performed in «impossible» and unusual locations
  • Is responsible for the biggest concerts in the world in any genre or for any era
  • Is a cultural ambassador not only for France but for values such as tolerance, the environment and youth rights
  • Mixes artforms and medias such as paintings, light sculptures, laser, sound, architecture, video, the internet – not as fun gimmicks but as a complete concept
  • Has challenged the record industry by giving massive concerts for free, and for treating music like the art it is (the «Music for Supermarkets» project)
  • Is a global thinker with awareness of intercultural relationships
  • Defender of human rights and spokesperson for education
  • Has shown the ability to morph, develop and re-define himself as an artist through 5 decades
  • Continues to innovate; was one of the first to create an album in 5.1 surround sound in 2004, in 2007 he created the first 3D concert DVD ever, and in 2016 he started touring with a 3D-show where glasses were not needed
  • Enjoys a fanbase all over the world and have had a continuous career since the early 70s

What will happen to the signatures?
Once we have collected 1000 signatures they will be printed and given to the Award Comittee who reviews suggestions for prize winners. They will hopefully understand the impact Jean Michel Jarre has had on the art world and choose him as recepient for the Polar Music Prize.

Sign the petition now!

The petition project is based on an idea by Leelene Karlsson.

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