Jarre Forever facts

This is Jarre Forever, the international fan-made tribute album organized by Jean Michel Jarre Fanclub Norway and released in 2002.

The idea

  • The international Jean Michel Jarre tribute album was conceived during the summer of 1998 by Glenn Folkvord, editor/organizer of the Norwegian JMJ fanclub
  • The idea was to create the very first Jarre tribute album recorded and organised by fans

Jarre Forever is unique in several ways

  • It’s the first ever international collaborative tribute to Jean Michel Jarre in the form of a CD album
  • The music, the artwork, the promotion, the organisation, the financing; everything was done by fans
  • For once, the remixes were made by people who truly respect Jarre’s work, not hired hands or professional producers
  • To follow certain ideas of Jean Michel Jarre, the profits of each CD sale is donated to charity (children’s cancer research)
  • There are 23 musicians or bands from 14 countries involved

More Jarre Forever facts

  • The 2CD set features 29 tracks (28 remixes and one original composition) and almost 153 minutes of music
  • A total of 257 demo songs were sent in from 85 artists in 25 countries
  • The album was sold (from this website at least) at a lower price than regular full price 2CD sets for 5 years – now the price is permanently reduced with up to 50%
  • Official release was September 7th, the day of Jarre’s Aero concert in Denmark
  • Jean Michel Jarre was informed about the project in it’s early stage and was given copies after the release
  • Jean Michel Jarre personally gave permission to record an unreleased song, «Palawan»
  • The album is a limited edition of 1000 copies

Remixes does not necessarily mean «techno»

  • The contributing artists were allowed to choose their own style, and since the album reflects how Jean Michel Jarre influences musicians and fans of today, there are indeed some techno-oriented tracks, even if this was not the main aim
  • We have split the 2CD set into two, where the first CD contains the dance and techno influenced remixes, and the second CD contains the more traditional versions, the Jarre-style remixes, one might say
  • Many styles are represented; classic space electronica, industrial music, techno and dance, trance, symphonic / classical
  • One of the tracks is a live performance

Mail order and availability

  • The album can be purchased online
  • There is no digital distribution for this CD, due to rights issues

The company and people behind Jarre Forever

  • The record company that released Jarre Forever is Hyperion Media, a company in Norway that develops projects in the fields of art, culture and media
  • The owner is Glenn Folkvord, known as the founder and editor of the Norwegian Jarre fanclub (JMJ FKN). The fanclub celebrates 25 years in 2018 (the oldest still functioning JMJ fan club in the world)
  • Fans from all over the world have contributed not only to the music, but also the artwork, inital financing, marketing and reselling

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